October 5, 2021

Dear Valued Client:

Market Recap and Outlook

The S&P500 reached new highs in the third quarter based on a resilient economic recovery, strong corporate earnings, and historic support from the Federal Reserve. Client portfolios are performing at various low double-digit percentage gains on a year-to-date basis depending on risk tolerance levels.

Headwinds for the financial market include supply chain issues due to the Delta variant, the uncertainty in Washington DC over the stimulus bill and debt ceiling, and profit warnings from some companies.

The primary risk factor for a bear market is a recession. This is because in a recession there are lower earnings, lower dividends, and an increase in bankruptcies. We do NOT see a recession coming soon and there are several reasons for this that include the following:

Fed Policy – the Fed has said that short-term rates will not go up until after their “tapering” process is complete. We estimate this process to take another 6-9 months based on the current pace. The yield curve is also not showing any signs of being inverted.

Inflation – we believe that current price increases are temporary due to supply chain issues.

Fiscal Policy – we believe moderate Democrats in the Senate will help limit an aggressive tax increase. We do expect moderate tax increases and a stimulus bill over one trillion dollars.

Growth Rates – growth rates appear to be reasonable based on the growth of the labor force and productivity.

The most important issue with the stock market at the end of the day is VALUATION. Earnings estimates for the year 2022 are coming in at about $205 per share for the S&P500 index. With the market trading at approximately 4,350, this gives us a forward-earnings yield of 4.7%. The 10-year treasury is currently trading at 1.467%. With interest rates still being low, the market remains fairly valued to very slightly over-valued in our opinion.  Corrections of 10% should be used as buying opportunities while we see 5% corrections as “normal” and no over-reaction is needed.

We expect continued volatility based on Washington DC negotiations, data on the pandemic, and inflation concerns. This ride will have some turbulence, but we always want to use that turbulence to our advantage.

 Wealth Management Issues

At this time of the year, tax planning is a major topic. Please check with our office if you would like a projection done for the current year. There should be NO SURPRISES when your return in filed early next year. Our office also does a detailed analysis of every portfolio to see if any “tax harvesting” can be done. Please make sure you have made maximum contributions to pre-tax retirement plans when possible.

Most of our clients have paid off their mortgages or have substantially reduced them. You can contact our office if you give significant amounts of money to charity and want to learn about the concept of “bunching your deductions” so you can itemize your deductions. Clients in retirement can also direct Required Minimum Distributions to charity.

We have proactively contacted most clients who will have their families subject to possible lower estate tax thresholds. If your estate will be over $10 million there are possible actions to take BEFORE year-end to help your family situation. Please contact our office with questions.

Clients who have recently gotten married, divorced, or lost a loved one should check beneficiary designations on retirement accounts and life insurance policies to see if any changes should be made.

Please call out office with questions or if you need help setting up your client vault.

Office Notes

Assets Under Management have now gone over $630 million as we continue to reach new milestones year after year thanks to you and our team. We are accepting new clients and appreciate your recommendations if you think the person(s) will be a good fit. Remember that we will always take on the “Adult Child” of a current client regardless of asset size.

We thank you for your business and please call our office if you would like a check-up.



Jack D. Oujo, CPA/PFS, CFP, CSA, MS Taxation

Certified Senior Advisor


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