Estate Planning

What legacy will you leave behind?

To many of us, family is everything.  Over time, we do whatever we can to take care of our families and to make sure that they are safe and secure.  But what happens when we are no longer around to care for them?  At Oujo Wealth Strategies, we can craft a plan to help you leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones.  We work with experienced estate planning attorneys.  If you currently have one, we are happy to assist them.

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Are your bases covered?

Finalizing your estate plan is a major achievement. But overlooking just one issue can create legal and financial risks. Our experienced advisors help you plan for the unexpected — and minimize the risks to your heirs and estate.



Do you have a will in place, and do your loved ones have access to it?

Medical Power of Attorney


Who has the power to make life-or-death decisions on your behalf?

Second Marriages/Blended Families


Have you carefully thought through what your spouse and children will inherit?

Nontraditional Families


Does your estate plan protect your significant other and consider potential tax consequences?

Charitable Planning


Are you donating to the charities of your choosing in the most tax-efficient way?

Durable Power of Attorney


Who controls your assets if you become incapacitated?



Am I going to be OK financially? Will my advisors be patient with me and let me take my time?

Estate and Inheritance Taxes


Is my estate plan up to date with current estate and inheritance tax laws?



What happens if you develop a cognitive disorder?

Get investment, tax and estate planning.

All under one roof.