Tax Planning

It’s your money. Keep more of it.

Lots of advisors claim to offer comprehensive services. At Oujo Wealth Strategies, we actually deliver. We offer tax, investment, insurance and estate planning under one roof. Since we are tax professionals, we can advise you in this area as opposed to referring you to another professional.  By understanding the whole picture, we’ll create a plan that maximizes every aspect of your finances.

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Do you have tax strategies in place to maximize your wealth?

Our experienced advisors have proven methods that minimize your taxes in a way that’s consistent with your goals and objectives — leaving more assets to invest and enjoy. Everyone’s situation is different. Talk to our seasoned team and see what makes sense for you.

Investment Tax Planning 

Do you have a tax-efficient investment portfolio in place? 

Retirement Tax Planning 

Are you taking full advantage of the tax savings that could be provided through your retirement accounts? 

Business Tax Planning

Is your business structured for optimal tax savings?

Estate Tax Planning

Do you have a comprehensive estate plan in place to minimize potential estate or inheritance taxes?

*We only provide tax and accounting services for our wealth management clients.

Get business, investment and tax planning.

All under one roof.