We’re invested in you.

Wealth management is an ongoing process. It provides a long-term strategy for your financial future. There are wealth management issues that most people face at some point. A Wealth Management Advisor should take a disciplined and structured approach to helping you navigate these issues.

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The Wealth Management Process includes the following phases:

Discovery and Data Gathering

At the beginning of the process, it’s important to sit down and discuss your unique values, priorities and goals. We’ll work with you to complete our financial planning organizer. The organizer helps us understand your personal and financial goals, your time frame and ascertain your risk tolerance.


Once Discovery and Data Gathering are complete, we review your answers and design a financial plan to meet your goals and objectives. In this step of the process, we analyze your investment, income taxes, insurance and estate plan.

Ongoing Communication

We continually assess your financial plan to ensure your objectives are being met. We are always available to update a financial plan to suit your changing needs. We tailor a personal communication plan for you that includes a schedule of review meetings, ongoing education, timely market updates and client events.


Implementation makes the Wealth Management Process work. At this point, we take a pro-active approach to help you meet your financial and life goals.


Our doors are open. We listen. We collaborate. We work with you to do what’s best for you and your family — not what’s best for us.